Who Can Benefit?

IMG_0855The beauty of Aqua fitness is that a wide range of people can benefit while all working side by side in a class. You work at your own level of fitness and ability and can make your work out harder/easier by increasing/decreasing your speed and range of movement.

Older Adults
As life expectancy is extending, it is so important for our older adults to remain physically fit in order to be independent and enjoy life. Aqua fitness is perfect as typically those issues such as joint, bone and muscular problems that prevent our older adults from a lot of land based exercise will not prevent them from getting involved in water based exercise.

Rehabilitation from Injury and Joint, Bone or Muscular issues
Great for those needing to keep exercising in a more weightless environment who may fall into one of the following categories:-
Chronic joint, bone or muscular issue
Post therapy joint replacement
Back pain
Weight management

Ante/Post Natal
The hormone produced during and after pregnancy called relaxin causes the relaxation of pelvic ligaments and joints and therefore with the buoyancy of the water taking away up to 90% of body weight this is a safer environment in which to exercise.

Fitees and would be Fitees
If you are fit or wanting to get fit then water based exercise ticks all those boxes to have a cardio and muscular work out while not damaging joints.


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