Class Information
Classes are either 30 or 45 minutes long and consist of a warm up, cardio exercise and cool down with stretches. Suitable for individuals of most fitness and ability levels. You work to music, at your own pace and increase/decrease intensity by adjusting your speed and range of motion.

The Pool
Individual and communal changing rooms.
The water is maintained at 33 degrees (nice and warm).
Shallow steps (not ladder style) for entry to pool.
Pool depth is 3’8″ in the shallow end rising to 4’6″ in the deep end.
The pool is at a private residence in Withdean, Brighton, East Sussex

Free parking on our drive (2 cars side by side either end of carriage driveway) and on road outside property.

What to wear
Ladies, you will need an all-in-one swimsuit with bust support.

Age Range
Aqua fit is suitable for any age provided one can maintain balance in a turbulent environment.
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