Class Times


This class is a workout incorporating a warm up, cardiovascular exercise, muscular endurance and cool down with stretches and is suitable for all levels of fitness and ability. The beauty of aqua is that you work at your own pace and can increase the intensity of the workout by increasing the speed and range of movement. You will benefit from increased cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and endurance and circulatory benefits as well as burning calories and achieving a sense of well being.

Mondays 1.00 pm, 2.00 pm, 3.00 pm, 4.00 pm, 5.00 pm

Tuesdays 1.00 pm, 2.00 pm, 3.00 pm, 4.00 pm

Thursdays  9.00 am, 10.00 am, 11.00 am, 12.00 pm, 1.30 pm, 2.30 pm, 3.30 pm, 4.30 pm, 5.30pm

CALL TRUDI (Brighton based) on 07802 612020