Aqua Fit

IMG_0778Why Water?

Water exercise provides the same toning and cardiovascular benefits as land based exercise but with less stress on the body and is therefore a safer alternative for older adults, pregnant women and people with joint, bone or muscular health issues.

Water offers an effective medium to improve fitness. The buoyancy of water provides freedom of movement and new opportunities for people of all fitness and agility levels. Submersion gives a sense of privacy where you can experience a sense of ‘play’ without the fear of keeping up with the group.

Water based exercise is one of the best non-impact fitness activities around and one that most people can participate in. No exercise is perfect for everyone but water exercise comes close because it is so flexible to individual needs, restrictions and abilities. Individuals can increase the difficulty of their workout by increasing the speed and range of their own movements.

The buoyancy of water reduces the weight of a person by up to 90% which means that the stress on joints, muscles and bones is similarly reduced. While water based exercise is ideal for people with joint issues, arthritis, rehabilitation from injury and older adults, it is also a great form of exercise for more athletic individuals and pregnant ladies.

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